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Basic working principle of stapler

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Brief history ofengrapadora

1908: Hungarian doctor humer hultl made the first stapler;

1934: replaceable stapler came out;

1960-1970: American surgical companies successively launched stump sutures and reusable staplers;

1980: American surgical company made disposable tubular stapler;

1984-1989: curved circular stapler, linear stapler and linear cutting stapler were successively launched;

1993: circular stapler, stump stapler and linear cutter used under endoscope were born.

Basic working principle of staplerintraluminal circular stapler manufacturer - Smail

The working principle of various staplers and staplers is the same as that of staplers, that is, shoot and implant two rows of staggered sewing nails into the tissue to sew the tissue with double rows of cross nails, so as to sew tightly and prevent leakage; Since small blood vessels can pass through the gap of \"B\" shaped suture nail, it does not affect the blood supply of suture part and its distal end.

Classification of staplers

According to the type, it can be divided into: reuse and disposable use;

It can be divided into: open stapler and endoscopic stapler;

Abdominal surgical instruments: esophageal and intestinal stapler;

Thoracic cardiovascular surgical instruments: vascular stapler.

Advantages of stapler instead of manual suture

1. Recover the peristalsis of intestinal wall faster;

2. Reduce anesthesia time;

3. Reduce tissue damage;

4. Reduce bleeding.

Linear stapler

The suture device can suture the tissue in a straight line. Place the tissue between the nail bin and the nail drill and place the positioning needle. Set a suitable thickness according to the tissue thickness scale, pull the firing handle, and the staple driver will implant two rows of staggered staples into the tissue and bend them into a \"B\" shape. It is mainly used for the closure of tissue incision and stump. It is suitable for abdominal surgery, thoracic surgery and pediatric surgery. It can be used for pneumonectomy, lobectomy, subtotal esophagogastric resection, small intestine, colon resection, low rectal resection and other operations.

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